The Alpha Leg is complete

In a blinding push from the team, especially Mark, Ryan and Dylan the Alpha Leg was completed at the 11th hour for deployment at the Burning Man festival in Nevada, USA. This was where the Mondo Spider was unveiled in 2006 and this year will be where Lab-mate and Mondo Spider co-creator Charlie Brinson’s Titanoboa will first slither in all it’s glory.  The Leg is truly imposing, and a sight to behold in the gleaming reality of hard steel, especially after staring at the flawless rendered image of it on the computer screen for so long. This machine has a serious presence. And although Prosthesis is still untested and the hydraulic system is limited to only 300psi because of a pump problem, it is still a worthy and proud milestone to have her standing in one piece and to bring her to where she will one day run free – the endless salt flats of the Black Rock Dessert!

See a video of  the leg in action here.

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